Litilu Productions

Litilu Logo Video Completed

Thank G-d, I have finally finished the Litilu Logo Video (after a 2 year pause). It will be shown, G-d willing, before any videos I make.

Click here to view the video.

Dining Room

Here is a picture of my dining room which I made.
Dining Room

Matzah Box

Here are two pictures which I made of a Matzah Box.
Matzah Box View 1

Matzah Box View 2

Happy Purim!

Happy Purim, everyone! Here is a picture that I made:

I hope to update the photo gallery within the next few days, as I have a bunch of new pictures to put on it. 

P.S. About the picture: The brick wall is real (it's the wall of my house) and the masks and the Happy Purim sign were made in Blender.

Beginnings of the Logo Video

Litilu Logo
This is the beginnings of the Litilu logo video (to be shown before my videos). I'll post updates to it once in a while. I'll be using the logo video (when it's completed) for my 3D films (if I ever make any :) and for my other video projects.